Architectural Drafting By ProfDesign

Architectural Drafting and its importance.

Why are having legal plans so important when planning to design or change a building construction?

According to the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (Act 103 of 1977 together with its subsequent amendments) was drawn up to promote uniformity in law relating to the construction of buildings in all municipal areas, and to prescribe building standards for this purpose. In addition to this, the South African Bureau of Standard's Code of Practice: The Application of the National Building Regulations (SABS 0400, previously known as SANS 010400) is essential to the implementation of this legislation.

ProfDesign is fully compliant with the above regulations and supports the Standard Code of Practice and is therefore here to help you in make your "Dream Home come True"

The process of designing a plan includes the usage of architectural drafting and design. Some of the considerations are the size and purpose of the structure. While making a basic design, the mathematical as well as the scientific theories are put to use. Laws of physics related to gravity are also studied and considered to determine, if the structure of the proposed dimensions are possible or suitable. With this in mind, it can be understood why legalized plans are required before any building work proceeds.

In the modern era, considering the current space problems, the architectural design and drafting is often used to determine the volume of the building, display its texture and overall set up. It is also used to ensure determine whether the current design of the property blends with the landscape or not. This process includes the use of effects like light, shadow, colors of the building and the program in general.

ProfDesign's  architects can determine the estimated cost of the whole structure. This cost can be calculated while the plan of the building is in its drafting stage.

ProfDesign's Architectural design and drafting also includes concepts like town planning, urban design and landscaping. These concepts are used to make the building more compact and blend beautifully with the environment. These concepts are also used to provide the building with maximum possible facilities. An integrated part of ProfDesign's architectural drafting and design is known as ProfDesign's Interior Design which focuses on making the interior of the building, as beautiful and as comfortable as possible.

Allow ProfDesign's Architects to share the knowledge and experience of designing a home in accordance with your "Dream".