Interior Design by ProfDesign

We as human beings live in a very judge-mental world, where perceptions of people and their lifestyles are highly and intricately scrutinized. The vision of ones house and the manner in which one presents their everyday living conditions can show who a person is and what they stand for. As the majority of our lives are spent indoors, the interior living conditions, whether it entail a home, office, retail space, working areas, commercial and corporate space, create an impression in one’s mind and is often the selling point of a decision. The interior space is regarded as a substance and context filler that embeds, warms and gives life to the architectural shell around the space.

A common mistake that is often confused within the design industry is that Interior Design and decorating are similar in context. This assumption should be clarified that Interior Design allows the designer to adapt and have an involvement within an architectural element, and be able to create a common link between the “shell” and the interior environment within. Interior Decorating is the changing of a rooms elements or materials within a room to enhance the feeling and visual impact.     

ProfDesign offers the incorporated service of both Interior Design and Interior Decorating to enhance the overall impact of your home by:
  • Creating a design that complements your style and image
  • Working with architects to achieve a dream home of precise spatial zoning
  • Working with project managers to oversee the project from first initial consultation through to hand over
  • Allowing your ‘house’ to become a home or other environment to become more proactive and influence a positive attitude within
  • Deliver 3d images for your visual interest and peace of mind before commencement of the project
Allow ProfDesign to transform your life into the image of perfection and pure delight as we offer you the full necessary elements and make the process of transformation a hassle free and enjoyable one.