How can ProfDesign improve your Lifestyle?

By allowing ProfDesign to project manage your dream from the beginning and allow us to collaborate with you by applying well known principles to minimize the frustration normally experienced during any construction and design process.

In today’s world it’s a proven fact that building onto your existing house, or having a new one built, is an extremely frustrating part of life, therefore it needs to be implemented in a well organized manner by professionals. ProfDesign are leaders in implementing the components of a project as their project managers are Prince 2 (TM) certified.

A project isn't something that's part of normal business operations or day-to-day activities, it's typically created once, and it's specific. "It has a beginning and an end." A project consumes resources (whether people, cash, materials, or time), so the question is asked ……  Do you have the time to effectively manage this project while running your normal life?

How do we do it ! …..  Simple ! >>>>   Our Focus is Making your life easier. We follow the following 5 steps !

1. ProfDesign Defines the Project

ProfDesign’s Project Manager in conjunction with you, (the client) defines the scope of the project and what you hope to achieve. This phase includes a list of project deliverables and the outcome of each activity. The project manager works very closely with you and all the service providers associated to the project so that a common thought and outcome is understood.

2. ProfDesign Plans the Project

ProfDesign’s Project Manager defines all project activities and how long they will take, how each task is tied to a specific deadline and the relationships between tasks, resulting in milestone dates and deadlines that are agreed on and met.

In addition, the project manager identifies the resources, costs and constraints involved in the project, as well as managing the assumptions and risks related to the project. 

3. ProfDesign Executes the Project

ProfDesign’s Project Manager appoints the service providers and allocates the approved budget accordingly as he knows how many resources and how much budget he or she has to work with for the project.

4. ProfDesign Controls the Project

ProfDesign’s Project Manager is in charge of updating the project plans to reflect actual time elapsed for each task. By keeping up with the progress, the project manager is able to understand how well the project is progressing overall.

5. ProfDesign Closes the Project

Once the building operation is completed, a completion handover takes place between the service provider and ProfDesign. Once the project is totally complete, ProfDesign delivers your Dream as a Reality and thereby saving you all the frustration in your normal daily life.